About Us

Everything is required of the body in our modern everyday life. Environmental influences, stress and an unhealthy diet cause our body to become out of balance. The consequences are faster aging, weight gain, deficiency symptoms, digestive problems and much more.

BeauNutrition deals with exactly these challenges and develops specific products to support you!

Vitamins, minerals and vital substances are essential for our health. Our mission is to offer products that combine quality and functionality at the highest level.


A product can only be as good as its ingredients. Therefore, the development of each product begins with the selection of the ingredients. We pay attention to the origin and purity out of conviction.

We use ingredients from traditional medicine, such as as traditional Chinese medicine, as well as newly developed active ingredients. We are also happy to use plant-based products such as superfoods, such as acai extracts.

Purity and quality are our top priority!


We are always looking for the latest trends and discoveries.

Natural products are particularly effective here, pushing back more and more into the awareness of health research.

Medicinal plants and medicinal herbs from traditional medicine, such as hops, valerian, fennel, etc. are proven active ingredients that we like to use for our products.

But also new discoveries of old medicinal plants from South America, such as acai, chia, etc. find their way into our products.


Think out of the box!

We leave the beaten track and develop products that meet the requirements of a modern day.

Our products are developed by us and manufactured for us. We use our own formulas and recipes.
We access modern trends such as superfoods and new active ingredients, but also incorporate traditional knowledge about herbal active ingredients into our products.

In harmony with body and mind

Our products are designed to help you feel comfortable in your body.

A healthy mind is always in a healthy body!

With our products we try to give your body everything to achieve optimal performance, to look good and to feel healthy, relaxed and vital!

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